Creative HOLIDAYS at the Luckey + Merrill Studio


Celebrate HOLIDAYS 2015 at the Luckey + Merrill Studio, Saturdays beginning November 28, with a series of creative Open House events on November 28, December 5, December 12, and December 19 from 12-4 p.m. at 181 Main Street (back entrance) in Branford. The events are free and open to the public. Seasonal refreshments will be served.

Luckey + Merrill Studio is a collaboration between artists Owen Sea Luckey and Kristin Merrill. Luckey is an artist, fabric designer, engineer and innovator. The HOLIDAY events offer a chance to see this season’s collection of Luckey ReDo, one of a kind, re-imagined wearables and accessories. There is always a new twist—classic plaid, fur accent, pocket or hand knit details—to be found amongst the whimsical unexpected embellishments of antique buttons, appliques and lace. Luckey continues to produce her signature line of hand knit scarves, gloves, hats and collars, perfect for your holiday shopping!

Like her studio partner, Kristin Merrill is equally multi-talented, continually experimenting and combining precious gems, pearls and metals with found objects to create stunning contemporary jewelry and sculptures. While traditionally taught at the School of American Crafts, Merrill enjoys breaking the rules of metal working, using unconventional methods to bring out their natural beauty—a wonderful synergy of traditional and creative, of left brain and right brain. Ultimately, though, her work speaks to metamorphosis, bringing together diverse materials to create something transformed and new—just right for those special people on your gift list!

For more information about the artists or the event dates, please call 203.623.6792/203.589.6995, or visit


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