Mad About Plaid

I am mad about plaids! But don’t get me wrong. There’s a difference between an interesting plaid and a boring plaid. The good ones have a history, and a story to tell

“Each area or community grouping would doubtless have, as one of its artisans, a weaver. He – they were invariably men – would no doubt produce the same tartan for those around him and that tartan would initially become what we now call a District Tartan – one worn by individuals living in close geographical proximity such as glen or strath. By its very nature, that community would be one huge extended family that soon became identified by its tartan which it wore, not to differentiate it from its neighbours in the next glen — but because that is what its community weaver produced! It was one short step from there to connect that tartan to the name of the wearers.” — Scottish History Online

When I am out hunting for Tartans to work with I am always pleased to see the clear well designed plaids by today’s designers—Ralph Lauren, Burberry, Coach and Michael Kors to name a few. Plaids are timeless. So are Luckey Redo creations!

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